I started to learn patchwork and quilting in 2001 and since then have made around 20 quilts, some of which have have won awards in the UK and in America at the World Quilt Show.

Quilting is my hobby, I am not a teacher and do not quilt professionally, my quilts are displayed here simply because I want to be able to share them with people.

Although I admire traditional quilts very much, I find that when I make a quilt I am drawn to the lovely colours of the Orient. I am a very sensible down to earth type of person but believe that through my work, I am able to express a side of my personality that I do not usually show.

Diane Abram

Where I have adapted a design from an existing piece of work, I always try to acknowledge the source, likewise, if you want to use my designs for any purpose, please let me know, as it’s always nice to know where the images end up and what they are used for and see what others have said. You can leave a comment on this website or sign my guestbook.

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