Celtic Fantasy

I have long been an admirer of Celtic design and wanted to try to interpret some of the lovely shapes in my own way. ‘Celtic Fantasy’ is the result. The eight main blocks of this design are taken from Philomena Durcan’s book ‘Celtic Quilt Designs 2 – The Children of Lir. I drafted the design’s on the setting triangles myself with the aid of Sheila Sturrock’s book ‘Celtic Knotwork Designs’.

The top and bottom border designs were adapted from patterns that appear in Gail Lawther’s book ‘Celtic Quilting’ and the winged serpents are Norwegian in origin – I first saw them painted over a archway while on holiday in that country and took a photograph of them, knowing they would be perfect for my quilt but having no idea how I was going to reproduce them. The entire design is couched in gold lure thread leaving me swearing never again by the end of the quilt.

My daughter christened the entwined dragons Eric and Ernie, which I wasn’t sure was mystical enough but the names seem to have stuck, so Eric and Ernie they are.

Celtic Fantasy has won the following awards:

  • Quilts UK 2007
    The Sampler Quilt award.
  • The Great Northern Quilt Show 2007
    Striking Design award and 2nd prize for large wall hanging.
  • World Quilt Competition
    Best in Country Award (UK) at the 2008 competition, which takes place in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA, before the quilts go on tour to Philadelphia, California (Santa Clara) and Chicago.

Celtic Fantasy

Dragon detail small.  Serpent detail small.

Christian Cross detail small.  Conn detail small.  Rathlin detail small.  Cullin detail small.

More Celtic Fantasy images.


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