Images of Japan

I purchased the pattern for the Iris in the centre of this quilt from Gail Lawther after attending a talk by her but had not made it as the 1/4″ black edging on the design was too heavy for me. Then while at a show, I discovered Hot Ribbon and loved the effect so much that I wanted to try it. I remembered the pattern and set about having a go.

Added the border and feeling quite pleased with myself, decided to experiment some more. The Japanese ladies had also been purchased because I liked them but then I wasn’t sure how to use them. I added these to the design which gave me a long wall hanging.

Now where was that book that a friend had given me with hundreds of 2″ black and white Japanese Kamon’s in. I enlarged some of them and did them in applique using silver metalic thread.

The cranes that appear on the quilt border are quilt and sashiko patterns taken from Kitty Pippens book ‘Quilting with Japanese Fabrics’. I chose to do them in applique and couched the cream ones with a candelight thread.

Images of Japan won the following awards at the Great Northern Quilt Show 2008:

  • 1st Theme ‘A sparkle of colour’
  • 1st machine applique
  • The Sue Belton Memorial Cup

Images of Japan.

Images of Japan detail one small.  Images of Japan detail two small.

More images of Japan images.


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