Natures Treasures

For some time now I have wanted to try my hand at the design on the front of Rosemary Makhan’s book ‘Floral Abundance’. Me being me though I hate to just recreate someone else’s work. Then I discovered Michele Hill and her two lovely books on William Morris applique. Between the three books I now had more than enough patterns to fire my imagination. I was able to chose the ones I thought would look best and alter the sizes some of the others.

I decided not to use all traditional William Morris fabrics preferring instead to see if I could make the designs work in a slightly more modern way. I should have realised that they would because they were such good designs in the first place.

The quilt is constructed by my favored method of ‘quilt as you go’ and the applique is done on the sewing machine. I have once again used a metallic thread on the applique to give the shapes some sparkle. I do keep meaning to not do this but somehow I just prefer the look of my work this way.

Natures Treasures has won the following awards:

World Quilt Show 2014

  • Best of country

Quilts UK 2013

  • Judges Merit
  • Judges Choice

The Great Northern Quilt Show in Harrogate in 2013

  • Machine Applique1st
  • Sampler Quilt 1st
  • Machine Quilting 1st
  • Large Wall Hanging 1st
  • Champion Quilt
  • The Sue Belton Memorial Award
  • Judge’s Choice Certificate

Diane with Natures Treasures

Natures Treasures detail one small.  Natures Treasures detail two small.  Natures Treasures detail three small.
Natures Treasures detail four small.  Natures Treasures detail five small.

More Natures Treasures images.


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